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UI Designer


Financial advisors use this software to run their business, tracking the account value and billing for many clients. The system needs to meet the complex demands for calculating their fees and sending invoices.

Objectives & Goals
  • Design an invoice that is easier for users and their clients to understand.
  • Support UX design with an interface that enhances the overall experience.
  • Used text hierarchy and collapsible sections to make a complex banking statement quickly digestible to the end user.
  • Expanded icon library to accommodate new UX designs.

Account Balance Summary

This view uses information architecture to convey of how the balance of an account is calculated using a complex formula.

Initial brainstorm and sketches.

Icon Development

I designed this icon with detail, scalability, and pixel perfection for iconography in the UI.

Top Recommendations
Icon Library Consistancy

A major requirement was to create a seamless fit with the existing library of icons, while still providing the detail desired. Below is the full icon library for the product.