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Simplifying the commission split for real estate sales

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Lead UX/UI Designer & Project Manager


Brivity is dedicated to be the all-in-one solution for real estate teams. Transaction Managers on real estate teams represent a large portion of the admin users on the platform, and missing from the transactional section was a financial report. The complexity for each transaction increases as the team grows, such as selling hundreds of properties a month, transactions with a split commission among agents, and agents having different contracts for their brokerage fees.

Objectives & Goals
  • Eliminate the need for other software for transaction financial data.
  • Automate the calculations for maximum efficiency.
  • High volume of short user sessions after an initial setup flow.
  • A flexible and customizable system designed to fit the needs of a real estate team at any size.
  • Allows users to enter standard income and expenses, so they can be copied to every transaction.
  • To calculate the Transaction Gross Income, users only need to enter the sale price.

Step 1: Configure

In Financials Settings, users can update the standard charges and rates for the team and agents. These values are applied to a transaction when the user saves a sale price.

Step 2: Start

On the details page for a transaction, there's a new tab for "Financials." Here the user can enter the sale price and click the start button to begin calculating.

Step 3: Adjustments

This is the opportunity for the user to fine-tune the values to fit the unique transaction, because contracts can differ from the office standard.

Step 4: Finishing

After clicking save, the user is presented with a full report, which they can export and submit to the agent and brokerage.

Sketching and Iterations

I began by illustrating my research findings in a wireframe using the InVision Freehand tool. After this was approved, I moved onto to UI design iterations. Each was influenced by feedback from my design peers, Creative Director, and CEO.


My primary source of research were interviews with Transaction Managers working in the real estate sales branch of the company. I was walked through the methodology and system they follow. They graciously provided me with actual spreadsheets to study.

This concluded with the mathematical equation shown below, allowing the system to calculate most resulting figures. The user must initially enter values like Transaction Sale Price and Commission Rate. Then, the key values shown on the right side of the equation can be automatically calculated and quickly submitted to the brokerage and agent.

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