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Real estate agents dedicate a lot of time and energy to phone calls. An agent might be calling a list of past clients to continue building a relationship, or cold calling a group of numbers from a neighborhood with an open house. Either way, these calls are key to finding new business. By using an automated dialer software outside of the Brivity Platform, the recorded call data and notes are stored outside the system, making it harder for agents to manage their leads, and more admin work to properly sync the information.

Objectives & Goals
  • Design a stand-alone product that integrates with Brivity CRM to record calling data.
  • Enable auto-dialing a list of numbers from CRM contacts.
  • Optimize the experience for an agent nurturing their sphere of influence.
  • An interactive panel to control calling while navigating and interacting with other pages in the application.
  • The call controls, script, and voicemail drop are readily accessibly in the panel.
  • Designed to work well within the existing app or as a new stand-alone product.

The Call Box

Key Functions
  • Call controls: start, pause, stop
  • Record call outcome
  • Save call notes
  • View your teams unique scripts
  • View call list
  • View history of outcomes from current call session
Competitor Research
  • Meetings and Chats
  • Power Dialer
User Flow

This user flow was created in collaboration with a team of UX Designers.

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