ce n'est pas un pipe rêve.

I've had this map in my back pocket for as long as I can remember. It wasn't always a Google map. It used to be pins on a board above my bed (that's still there). It used to be names of cities I'd only read about in travel guides scribbled into my sketchbook, with routes, times and costs. It used to be a drawing from a local I met at a bar with my friends. And it used to be in my Instragram feed. This is a collection of all my travel plans, ideas and dreams.

The circle markers indicate cities I would like to visit. The dimond markers are destinations I've been already. If you see map pin icons, those are my most realistic plans.
The colors break up regions by how I'd like to travel them. Some colors are just countries at this point, while other colors are more planned out trips with stops in many countries.