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The mission of Ben Kinney Companies is to Deliver the Dream of Homeownership. The product was founded on providing transparency for agents and their clients. Since, it has transformed into a full suite of tech to generate leads, automate your process and close deals. Brivity is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the industry, and I've contributed in areas of design, development and operations.

Brivity CRM

This Client Relationship Management software is the core of the Brivity. All leads funnel into this database, from many sources even outside the Brivity products. Transactions can be managed so agents, admins and clients all know every detail about the activities performed before closing the deal. I've worked on features incorporating newly integrated data, enhancements for existing features and created a modeculare style guide to unit the product.

Lead DNA: Viewed Listings

Integration with new technology allowed agents to view their leads activity on their Brivity listing website. I designed this modal to give quick access to the viewing history for any lead.

Lead DNA: Search History

The auto-search feature on Brivity listing sites allows click-by-click tracking for every search a lead makes. I designed this section to show the history and enable creating a listing alert from any point from a lead detail page.


Lead DNA: Data Visualization

I made this section to visually show agents the view history broken down by criteria. To enhance insight to lead DNA, agents can click a criteria (ie price $250K - $300K) and then see a second level of criteria breakdown.


Lead Relationships

The relationships feature I designed allows agents to connect leads to record contact details for both while synchronizing communication on transactions.

Brivity IDX

Internet Data Exchange websites allow real estate agents to showcase current listings on a site personalized to their own branding. This is a key tool as an agent. During onboarding, each customer receiving a website would start with one of our premium templates and then personalize it using our website builder. I managed a team of four designers, producing up to 35 websites a week.

More Website Design examples
Website Design examples

Project Management for IDX

I created this Trello board to make a workflow for designers working on new websites and offering web design support to users. Each team member has a list. When startup forms are received there is a trigger for a new card in the Ready for Design list. A designer will then take that card (account) and put it in their list. When the website is ready for review, the card is moved again into the list of the project manager assigned to that account.

Brivity CMA

Comparative Market Analysis reports lets agents local knowledge and experience shine, using a combination of hard data and user input information. These give sellers a comprehensive market review of similar properties in their areas. I designed prototypes to guide the development of new features.


Pricing Strategy Website Design


Zero to Hero

My true love is a great empty state. Opposed to an abrupt dead end flow, offering little things like helpful UI or a moment of humor can make the difference.